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A centaur is a combination of human and artificial intelligence more capable than either humans or AI alone.

CentaurMetrics is a startup enabling Large-Scale Business Processes where AI and Humans work together, optimized for Efficiency and Reliability. It's what you need to make the transition from human to hybrid human/AI workforce.

Our engine uses human effort cost-effectively as a check on AI results, while continuously tuning the AI's and learning which tasks can be entrusted to the AI. The engine coordinates task assignments, evaluates result reliability, and performs continuous learning to improve AI performance and to decrease costly human effort while maintaining quality.

The result: human quality and reliability with AI cost-effectiveness and throughput.

CentaurMetrics is based on the research of Dr. Serge Sverdlov (LinkedIn; consulting), an expert on data science and statistical quality control with a 20-year Microsoft and academic career.